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Sidney Crosby

#87, C, Pittsburgh
Status: Active
Projected Points: 94.2 2018-2019 Points Rank:
2017-2018 Points Rank: 3

Analyst Opinion for Sidney Crosby

Projected Draft Selection (Points Only)
Average Round Selected 1.1
(E.g. a score of 3.4 means that a player should be selected in the 3rd Round, 4th overall)
Points Target Summary
Average Target 100
High Target 105
Low Target 97

Upgrade/Downgrade History

Analyst Date Action Previous New Points Target Outlook
The Consigliere 17-Sep-2017 Initiated Strong Acquire 98 Connor is the future, but I think Sid 'the not so kid' has at least 1 more year with the Art Ross
The Godfather 5-Sep-2017 Initiated Strong Acquire 97 Had an off season, by his standards. But he should prove this year why he's still the best hockey player in the world.
The Blue Chipper 2-Sep-2017 Initiated Strong Acquire 105 I think he will stay healthy this year and absolutely dominate while playing with Kessel. He will be the only 100 point player this year.

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Hold: Neither good nor bad. But worth holding on to see performance.

Trade: His prospects are worse off than last season and peers.

Dump: Get rid of this guy. Something is wrong that will affect his points totals.