Deep Hockey Expertise

Our motto is Insightful Analytics driven through a deep hockey knowledge. brings to you a Predictive model that allows you to gain the very best of our insights to help you forecast your Fantasy Team’s upcoming production.

Employing a Multi-Factor Model of Predictive Points

Any site can display a player’s history. And any Hockey magazine can arbitrarily set a player’s upcoming points. But its only at where you can take advantage of a robust & systematic formulaic approach that is both insightful and mathematical. Our Multi-Factor model focuses on only the areas that will affect a Player’s Pool production. One of those factors is the quality of a player’s linemates. Only at can you see what would happen if Sidney Crosby played on a line with Evgeni Malkin.

Refining the Model through Regression Testing

You’ll see throughout the year and over multiple seasons that our model are the most accurate amongst the field and will keep getting better. We will incorporate the best methods of statistical testing to ensure that we are always finding the best Factors, Weightings and balance to find the very best players for your Fantasy roster.