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Benefits Free Membership Hockey-Stock Pro
Individual player profiles, projections and key statistics
View an extensive profile on all players. This includes our predictions, the player’s historical data, analyst opinions, and the player’s general information
Analyst opinions and articles
Get our expert’s opinions and Full Access to all Hockey-Stock articles
Historical statistics
See all the player’s statistics from the past 4 seasons
Player comparison
Compare each player with their peers
Personalized team
Create your personalized lineup In order to track your pool’s Performance throughout the entire season.
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Player statistics list
Listing of player’s Games Played, Goals, Assists, Points, +/-, Power Play Points, Power Play Goals, Penalty Minutes, Short Handed Points, and Total Shots
Top 25 overall, top 10 per position Full 500 player listing
Daily injury updates
You will receive daily injury updates, along with access to the injury type, date, and expected date of return.
Customizable pool points
You are able to adjust all statistical projections to your personal pool’s specifications. (I.e. adjust goals to 2 pool points, PIMs to 0.1 pool points) Hockey-Stock will then calculate a list, ranking all players based on your custom specifications
Discounted Hockey-Stock Playoff Membership
When you purchase Hockey-Stock PRO Version, you receive a Hockey-Stock Playoff Membership at half the price.